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5 Holiday Outfits In Your Closet

I know there are times when you don’t know what to wear and it prevents you from enjoying the holidays. Fashion shouldn't get in the way of festivities! I want you to find an outfit and your confidence, so you can embrace all the beauty of this season.

Think about the outfits you're going to need this month.

Where do you need to go in December?

Visiting parents?

Going to your grandchildren's school program?

Enjoying a night out at the ballet or symphony?

Gathering with friends?

I've put together 5 different combinations you can create using pieces you likely already own. If not, use the next best thing that is similar to what I’m suggesting you use!


1. Build a simple outfit with standout accessories.

Wearing simple separates allows accessories to serve as the focal point. Choose fun shoes then build upward, ending with an amazing necklace. Don't have the trending, statement piece in your collection? Layer up what you do have to create new combinations. Mix glitzy rhinestones with pearls or chains with beads.

2. Choose monochromatic styling.

Create a monochromatic outfit by pulling 3 colors from a "color family". For example: Bright Blue, Powder Blue and Navy; Pale Pink, Raspberry and Hot Pink. Add vintage jewelry for an interesting touch and shoes in your best metal. If you don't have a metallic shoe, choose one that matches your hair color for a finished and polished look.

3. Incorporate plaid, lace, or velvet.

Pull one or two of these materials from your closet and create a new pairing! Combine a velvet jacket with leather bottoms. Add a plaid blouse to velvet pants. Pair a lace skirt with a ruffle blouse to update your Christmas style.

4. Don a dress or jumpsuit.

Reinvent this staple by adding a cluster of pins or other vintage pieces tucked away in your jewelry box. This is the perfect time to pull them out! I’m not talking about traditional “Christmas pins". Think of your jewelry as Christmas tree decorations! Pull out the jewel tones. Reveal your rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. You could also throw your velvet jacket over your dress or jumpsuit to create a second outfit!

5. Mix exciting colors!

Consider colors you’ve never worn together...Spruce Green and Berry, Purple and Pink, Winter White and Powder Blue, Teal and Gold! Add fancy jewelry and you're ready for any party!

BONUS OUTFIT: Looking for a something more casual? Throw on some of the “fancy” elements I've introduced with a graphic Christmas t-shirt for a cozy holiday-approved look. Don't be afraid to put high-end fashion with low-end or dressy with casual! This t-shirt could look as great with a pleated sating skirt and leather jacket as with a pair of corduroy pants and a cardigan. Slip into a fun, brightly-colored bootie to spread some Christmas cheer!

No matter what you wear, have fun with your festive fashion and wear it with confidence!


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