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5 Outfits You Didn't Know You Had in Your Closet

If we opened your closet right now, it is likely we’d see these two pieces inside:


A t-shirt.

This combo is always on trend! And, there are a lot of variations to this outfit of just two pieces.

A word of caution before we get started: Jeans can look bad if they’re not of great quality.

If your jeans need a little updating, Color By Style’s Founder, Shari Breandel is a big fan of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and wears the Sheri Slim style. If you’re looking for a white blouse, shop a local boutique or check out this one from Spanx.

Ready to build 5 new outfits? Let’s go!

#1 White top over tank in a pop color

Let’s start with a simple one: Roll the cuffs of your blouse and use it as a layering piece over a simple tank. Tanks in a great pop colors make for great basics. Pair this look with a casual, slip-on sneaker and you’re set!

#2 Kimono over the white blouse with jeans and sandals

Push the sleeves up on your blouse so we only see the drape of the kimono on your forearm. Add some bracelets! And, an interesting sandal.

#3 White blouse with a crossbody bag

Try a purse in a pop color to bring a fun look to your simple blouse and jeans! Do a half-tuck: one tail in/one tail out. Then, layer your bag over the side that’s hanging out. Pair with clean, white sneakers to complete your look! If you’re looking for new tennis shoes, try the Summit sneakers from Skechers. With this outfit, keep your jewelry casual and limit yourself to just one pop of color - like orange earrings!

#4 Sparkly flat and a blazer

Choose a blazer and push the sleeves up and under the arm of the jacket. Then, add a fun belt to your look! Consider the animal print that is right for your Color Code. Not sure of your Color Code? Take this FREE quiz!

Be careful: To key the eye from settling on your mid-section, tie the tails of your blouse together to camouflage a fluffy belly. Add a pile of bracelets or big earrings and you’re good to go!

#5 Tie the tails of the blouse in the front

The last look includes a chunky-heeled sandal at the bottom of your jeans - it makes for a great “Wow!” This is also the place to add big statement accessories.

Now, go to your closet. Run! Try to put together one, or more, of these outfits. This look is definitely fresh and sharp!


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