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The Easy Formula You Can Use to Create New Outfits

You’re about to learn how to make most of the clothing sitting in your closet right now.

It’s right there waiting for you to create something new!

With just 3 paired tops & bottoms, learn how to make many, interesting outfits:

Step 1:

Choose a neutral that looks good on you, like navy or gray or black.

Maybe you have a few tops in that color and a few bottoms, too.

(If you don’t, be sure to put those on your shopping list.)

Step 2:

Choose one top and one bottom

Maybe it’s a long-sleeved sweater or a 3/4-sleeved blouse.

Then, choose your pants - maybe a wide-leg jean or a comfy, Ponte knit.

(If you are a woman of a certain age, even if you are in fit shape and at your perfect weight, let’s not wear a short top with leggings. You can pair a shorter top with almost anything but leggings.)

Step 3:

Choose a layering piece

Whether it’s a vest or a sweater or a kimono, choose one that coordinates with your basic neutrals.

Step 4:

Choose the style

Sporty, Casual or Dressy? No matter the occasion, you’ll look coordinated with the column you’ve created under it.

Basics are great pieces to invest in so you’re not regularly having to replace them. The layering pieces, and other accessories, could be the place to spend less.

And, there you go. Instant outfit!


Not sure how to dress for the occasion? That’s one of the many styling secrets you’ll find insider the Closet Outfit Planner

I created this outfit system so you would always have a no-fail way to

pull together a great look, in your best colors and styles!


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