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I Use This Tool to Get Dressed Every Day

If you've been using the Closet Outfit Planner for years, or you've never even heard of the Closet Outfit Planner, I want to show you how I use the tool I created to help you put outfits together quickly and easily. The COP you'll be using is designed for your:

  1. Color Code - the collection of colors that flatters your unique coloring

  2. Body Shape - there's a guide inside the planner to help you determine your body type and tips for dressing it

It really couldn't be easier: Follow the pictures and copy what you can.

Let me show you what I mean...

This outfit comes from the WARM Color Code COP. (Don't know your Color Code? Take the FREE quiz!) I simply look at each of the elements of this look and grab them from my closet:

1. Beige shorts

2. Turquoise top

3. Turquoise necklace

4. Wedge Sandals

5. Straw bag

6. Sunglasses

7. Drop earrings

I chose my neutral sandals vs. the turquoise in the picture. That's okay!! Work with what you have. If you see a piece that inspires you, that would make it easier to build your favorite outfits from the planner, start a list of items you want to buy or use the shopping links included in your planner.

I don't have a turquoise bag but I have this colorful straw bag that works with the rest of the outfit. Use the planner to influence your decisions but don't feel like you're a failure if you didn't mimic the outfit to a T! The COP was designed for women just like you who are learning how to improve their style one step at a time.

My earrings are not identical to those pictured but they're in the right color scheme to pull together my ensemble. Experiment with something you own that could easily replace an item in the planner!


If you haven't experienced the freedom, and fun, that comes with using the Closet Outfit Planner, check out this list and ask yourself whether or not you might need more of these benefits in your life.

The Closet Outfit Planner will help you:

1. Discover unique outfit combinations - learn to pair pieces you've never worn before!

2. Find outfits for every, and any, occasion - from casual to formal and everything in between!

3. Stay up-to-date with trends - we provide a guide to trending accessories and use the industry's latest color trends to create this guide!

4. Learn to dress your body type well - the COP is designed to cater to individual style preferences and offers personalized tips based on your body shape!

5. Unlock new possibilities for your style - we invite you to join our Facebook COP Group that fosters growth, creativity and camaraderie! Do you need this kind of community? We'd love for you to be part of it!

If you've never seen the Closet Outfit Planner, check it out here.

And, if you'd like to learn more about how I created 2 more outfit using the same turquoise top, check out this video!


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