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Swap 'Til You Drop: You Should Host a Jewelry Exchange!

A fun way to add something new to your wardrobe without spending a dime is to trade accessories with a friend. Whether you decide to trade handbags or bracelets, you're guaranteed to gain some new treasures and have some fun at this exchange party! We're giving you all the details to pull it off.

1. Plan Your Event

Reach out to your girlfriends, sisters, aunts & friends but also invite acquaintances. See a new face at church or maybe your exercise class? It could mean a lot to someone who doesn't have a tribe like you do! It's unlikely all your invited guests will be able to make it so don't get overwhelmed by the number of names on your list.

If you want to take your party to the next level, invite guests to discover their Color Code! This FREE quiz can tell her exactly which colors and jewelry metals look best on her. Click here

2. Set the Stage

You'll want to display the jewelry or accessories that are brought to the party in a way that is easy to see. Think about ways to use the space you have: island, countertop, entryway table, buffet table, etc. Pretend you own your own boutique! Use books, dishes or candle holders to elevate or group items.

3. Follow the trends

The fun thing about trends is that they are often something we've seen in fashion in the past. That means the jewelry hiding at the back of your jewelry box can come out to play! This season we're seeing:

1. Blooms - floral detailing 2. Big Bangles 3. Pearls 4. Shoulder Grazing Earrings

5. Clean Metals - Simplicity

It's likely you already own a piece that could freshen up someone's outfit this spring. You know what they say: "One man's trash is another man's treasure!"

4. Establish the rules

If you want everyone to go home with at least one new accessory, you'll need to make sure that all of the accessories don't go home with just one person. Instruct your guests to bring their preferred number of pieces or ask that they bring a specific number. Then, give her the same number of tickets to use at the "Swap Shop". Go in rounds so each person gets the chance to discover new things. This eliminates the risk of one of your guests claiming 10 items all at once. In the end, adding some structure to the event ensures everyone has a great experience!

5. Smile for the camera

Break out the Polaroid or choose a filter on your iPhone to capture the fun! Invite guests to model their accessories then share the pics with everyone who attends.

6. Don't forget to donate

The easiest way to clean up what is left at the end is to put it into just one bag. Tell your guests in advance you'll be donating the items to a local clothing bank or woman's shelter. If no one at the party can use it, find an organization that supports women who doesn't have the large collection of jewelry you do. She surely will appreciate it!

Heidi Brubaker, Certified Christian Image Consultant

Heidi has been a CIC for more than 10 years in Central PA. She loves teaching women to fill their closets with fashion in their best colors and styles so they can shop from their very own boutique every day. When she's not helping women, she's planning outfits for her next trip to Disneyworld! You can learn more about her services at


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