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How to Hunt for Your Best Handbag

Spring is on its way and I want to help you carry a handbag that is perfect for the season, and perfect for you! I could just rattle off the trends you’ll see everywhere from Target to Nordstrom but I want to do more than that for you. I want to coach you through the process of determining the best bag for you. There are several questions I ask myself in order to make that choice each season and I hope they might help you determine your next bag purchase. How do I choose a handbag? Let me show you!

It might seem easier to settle for whatever you can find after you’ve headed out on a purse hunt and land on a bag that is good enough. It might be good enough but I want it to be GREAT!

I want it to be practical.

I want it to make a stylish statement and coordinate with your outfits!

I want it to flatter you and match your personal style on every level.

Let me walk you through my process of making a well-thought-out purchase:

You need to ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Does it meet my pricepoint?

Determine how much you want to spend then stick with it. Don’t go shopping in the departments where you won’t find bags in your budget, whether they are lower or higher. It will just get frustrating. My pro tip: To begin exploring all the options out there, search a store online and filter by price range.

2. Does it match my style?

For Spring/Summer, I prefer a tote style. It makes practical sense for me - it’s perfect for a baseball game, a day at the beach or a road trip. A big straw bag is the sensible solution for me! My pro tip: Consider a bag that can be transitioned into a crossbody so you have some flexibility with how it can be worn.

3. Does it look good on me and with my wardrobe?

If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ve heard my usual piece of advice: “Find a bag that matches your hair”. And, that is not a bad suggestion! A purse that matches your hair color completes your look, almost like adding a frame around you, and makes sense if you want a coordinated ensemble. However, at this time of year, I’m looking for a pop of color! My pro tip: Choose a color that will appear in your Closet Outfit Planner for warmer weather. Don’t know which Closet Outfit Planner is best for you? Click here NEED LINK TO COP

It’s also fun to find a bag that answers ALL 3 questions and looks up-to-date! This is the place to let your signature style show. Here are the trends we've seen popping up right now:

1. Big Bags

2. Metallic

3. Baguette

4. Shoulder Bag or Hobo Bag

5. Bright Colors

It's also great to find several trends all rolled into one bag! Just remember the 3 questions when you’re shopping - I’m sure your ideal bag is out there waiting for you!

Want some extra help finding your bag?

Take the handbag quiz!


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