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The Sling Bags Perfect for Your Next Trip

I went to Italy last fall and recently a trip to Vegas, plus a few day-trips.

When I’ve posted pics online, you guys have gone crazy about my bags!

These crossbody-style sling bags really make for hands-free travel.

I picked up this cute, black bag on sale

at a local department store for less than $10!

I found this ivory bag here.

Whether you're venturing around the world or have an exciting day-trip planned, you'll want to be sure you have a sling bag for the occasion. So, I’m going to teach you how to search for your very own crossbody sling purse!

When you're shopping online, do a search using these specific words:


sling pouch

fanny pack

shoulder bag

waist bag


For example, black women’s sling bag.

I like this first bag from Athleta - The Mini Belt Bag

It seems like it could be easily wiped clean and the size works for a Glamour Girl(That's the term we use to describe a woman's frame size in my "Star Style Personality" system. Want to discover your Star Style Personality? Click here!


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