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You Can Wear These Capris: Pedal Pushers

While capris are usually a hard 'no' for me, I can support the pedal pusher. They've made their way back to the fashion scene for the summer of 2024! Granted, I wasn't initially sure this was something we wanted to include in the clothing collection found inside the Closet Outfit Planner. But, when they made their way from the runways to ready-to-wear, I knew you could pull them off with just a few styling tips!

1. Embrace the variety pedal pushers offer. From bold patterns to solid colors, there's a pair for every mood and occasion. Exploring different styles can refresh your wardrobe in exciting ways.

2. Pedal Pushers need a delicate, feminine shoe. Choose from a strappy flat, kitten heel, or embellished slide.

3. An oxford shirt is the perfect layer to pair with your Pedal Pushers. White, striped, or patterned, every body type can wear a button-front shirt open over a tank top.

Want to hear my full report on Pedal Pushers? Check out this YouTube video:



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