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How to Incorporate the Color of the Year into Your Wardrobe

The easiest way to look up-to-date is to include a trending color in your wardrobe.

So, I’d like to introduce you to the color of the year for 2023…Viva Magenta!

Pantone’s Color of The Year is not quite hot pink and not quite red and is described as "audacious, fearless and brave".

I believe it's a color every woman can wear and I want to show you how to do just that! Here are my 6 tips for incorporating it in your wardrobe:

#1 Footwear

Build your outfit from the bottom up using Viva Magenta. Whether you choose to don sneakers or ballet flats, wearing them in Viva Magenta will bring the perfect pop to your outfit!

#2 Manicure

Experiment with this color at your next nail appointment. Try Viva Magenta on your fingers or toes. It adds a finishing touch with the perfect amount of pizazz!

#3 Satin Blouse

Viva Magenta will shine in the form of a fabulous fabric! This color is a showstopper in a flowy fabric like silk or satin. Or, find a sweater that spotlights this lovely hue with extra texture.

#4 Handbag

Oversized tote or petite evening bag, it will be pretty in pink! Take an outfit from boring to fabulous with a purse in a pop color. Choose a bag that has even a hint of Viva Magenta woven throughout it.

#5 Accessories

Bracelet, earrings or necklace are sure to complete your look in this pop color! Grab a necklace from the back of your closet or thrift yourself a set of beads. This pinky-red hue will be easy to pair with lots of looks.

#6 Scarves

Tie one around your neck or the handle of your purse to add some extra personality to your ensemble. Browse through your mom's closet or visit your favorite consignment shop to find a "new" scarf. You'll be sure to find Viva Magenta hiding in lots of prints and patterns!


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