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Brown is the New Black

I said it.

And, I believe it! Black is almost secondary to brown right now.

EVERY Color Code can wear brown, except for Cools. Silver-haired ladies: You can try to add it to an outfit with a bright blue or hot pink, but it's not going to be your best look.

There are just better neutrals for you (based on your unique combination of eye color, hair color and skin tone) and you can see what I mean when you try them.

Back to brown...Last spring was all about dopamine dressing, which is when you wear a bright color from head to toe, and we're still seeing it this season. But, it's more peaceful this fall, easy on the eyes in gorgeous outfit pairings. We're seeing pops of color being added to these softer looks.

I want to share with you some of the outfits our women in the Closet Outfit Planner Facebook community put together from their very own closets using shades of brown.


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