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The Most Beautiful Bag I've Ever Seen

A few summers ago I walked into a department store and saw the

purse of all purses. Oh, let me tell you, this bag was the mack daddy of

bags! It was the biggest, grandest, most beautiful Coach bag I had ever

seen. I asked the sales associate to unlock it from its case. This bag was

so expensive and grandiose it needed to be put behind glass walls! The

sales associate mentioned that she was told in a Coach training school

that if you were ever lost in the desert, this bag would certainly be all

one would need. I was very impressed (tickled pink, really) and asked

her the question I was avoiding.

"How much is it?" I squeaked.

She told me the price just as my husband, who has a gift for great

timing, approached the counter. He kindly told the woman no thank

you and started to pull me away. Yes, pull, as in drag my body away

from the store with my heels digging into the floor.

"Can you hold the bag for me?" I yelled back. Of course she could.

For weeks all I could think about was that purse. I would go to sleep

and wake up thinking about how amazing this purse would look with

my outfits. I even dreamed about it one night.

One morning I was having my quiet time, and as I was praying I

heard God whisper to my heart. He said, "I don't care if they GIVE you

that purse, you can't have it." Excuse me, God, but did you just tell me

I can't have that purse? That beautiful, amazing, mack daddy purse I

might need if I'm ever stuck in the desert? Yup, He sure did.

The truth was, I didn't see how a purse could be such a big deal

for God, but the more I prayed, the more I understood. My thoughts

had become consumed by that purse. I had been spending more time

obsessing about a simple accessory than I had obsessing about God.

I tell you this story because I want you to know that it's NOT all

about what we wear or don't wear. If your heart's not right, if your

relationship with God is suffering, then no matter what we put on, we

aren't that beautiful.

Friend, our inside and our outside matters. God says so. It's time to

learn how to care for our outside appearance, not in an ostentatious

kind of way, but in a sensible, easy, do-it-yourself manner.

That's why I do what I do. Read more of my posts, watch my YouTube videos or apply to join the Color Academy. I want to make it simple for you to develop your personal style. I promise it will be worth every minute of your effort!


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