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10 Tips for You to Look Put Together

There are a few things you can do to help you look more put together, polished and confident in our look. If you haven’t tackled a list like this in awhile, now’s your chance!

#1 Try an updated hairstyle

I have had so many different hairstyles, and I have my favorites…right now, I’m loving short hair! If you haven’t been complimented on your hair in the last 3 weeks, it’s time for a new ‘do!

#2 Inventory your skin care and makeup

Spring is a great time to update your makeup for a new season. Your skin is beginning to experience warmer days and it might be time for some new formulas! Go lighter with your moisturizer, update your eye cream. Take an inventory of what you need!

#3 Define your lips

As we get into the prime of our life, the color of our lips tends to fade. It’s great to bring more definition to them! Maybe you need a brighter lip color? Do you have a problem with your lipstick bleeding into the lines above your lips? Try lip wax to keep your lipstick from bleeding. Use the lip liner as a lip color first, then layer on a lipstick. Match your lipstick or match the liner color to your natural lip color.

#4 Whiten your teeth and smile brighter

Find a toothpaste that has a whitener in it! Or, buy some strips to whiten your teeth!

My pro tip: Wear a lipstick that has a touch of rose to it. Anything too coral or peach can make your tooth look yellow.

#5 Opt for new eyeglasses

If you have to wear reading glasses, find some fun glasses! Try an animal print or a bright color. Get something that is unique and outside the box!

#6 Frame Your Face

Pop your collar, wear a shorter necklace that is closer to your face. Try earrings in a brighter color to draw the eye toward your face.

#7: Add a scarf

I love scarves! I think they can make any outfit look put together. Try a short one you can tie close to your neck to frame that face. Choose a color that flatters your natural coloring and is one of the shades that is part of your Color Code palette. A scarf can be worn on your purse, too!

#8 Pin a brooch

Add a brooch to the collar of a jacket, the top of your blouse or tank or to a scarf! You might have something that is sentimental - it’s such a great way to spice up an outfit! And, an easy way to up-level any outfit. If you're looking for something special, shop a vintage store!

#9 Change out your handbag

It’s time for something lighter and brighter. Choose a bag that is in one of your pop colors for spring and summer! And, make sure it coordinates with most of your wardrobe.

#10 Rethink your shoes

We get very stuck in wearing the same kind of shoes over and over again. Look for a small detail that changes up your shoe game. Search Pinterest and find a “Wow!” shoe that you could try for the first time.


I hope you'll spend some time with this list. Small steps can make for big leaps when it comes to our beauty and style routine! I've put together a list of all 10 in a mini e-book you can use in your closet. Download it now - Click below!

Download PDF • 9.07MB


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