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5 Fall Trends to Look for Now

Did you know this is a really good time to hit the summer sales for your fall wardrobe? While I've been working on the Fall Closet Outfit Planner, I've been looking at what's out there for you! Here's my list of 5 FALL Trends you might be able to find on SALE now!

1. Leather

Whether it's a blazer, skirt or pants, leather will be on the scene! It was a big trend last year and we're seeing it again. Don't overlook the clearance racks! You might be able to find something leftover from last season.

2. Bold Statement Necklaces

It's showing up big this fall! (Pun intended😉) Chico's is a great place to find statement jewelry. Discounted pieces are typically on a wall at the back of the store. Don't go too "summery" - avoid stones and flowers that look like summer. You want something that can easily transition to fall. Instead, look for chains in the metal for your Color Code. Could it match a lot of pieces already in your closet? That's a sign you're making a wise purchase!

3. Crisp White Blouse

It's been featured in the Closet Outfit Planner for the last 3 years and it's sticking around! This season is no different - you can't go wrong with this classic piece. Choose one that is of a better quality. I found one at Banana Republic for just $35 - down from $90!

4. Silk Blouse

You know I love a silk blouse, and have encouraged you to find one that will elevate your wardrobe! This is still trending and makes a lot of sense as a closet staple. Look for a neutral, like ivory or white. Want more color? Choose camel, brown or another neutral that works for your Color Code. And, keep an eye out for ruffle accents!

5. Western Core

It's all about country style this fall! Booties with western detail are going to be popular. DSW already has them on SALE! Choose black, animal print or blonde - they can create an elegant look! If a lower heels works better for you, lose the heel but look for fun details like decorative threading or painted cowboy-boot toes.


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