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6 Easy Steps to Clean Your Closet

Is cleaning out your closet on your "Spring Cleaning" to-do list? We have 6 quick steps to getting it done in a jiffy!

Organizing our closets can be a daunting task.

You know how it goes...First, you pull everything out and lay it on your bed.

But, before you have any order established, you’re overwhelmed and unmotivated about the process.

So, we want to give you a quick clean-out system that will immediately begin to help you find your fashion!


But, before we get started:

  1. Put on some music. Or, play a podcast you've been meaning to listen to because that always makes cleaning easier.

  2. Look at your closet for just 10 minutes. Put all like styles together; for example, pants with pants, tops with tops, etc.

  3. Group colors together. Within each category, put all like colors together; for example, red with red, black with black, etc.


Reverse the hangers. Hang each piece with the hangers hooked backward on the rod. This may seem a little counter-productive but you will know by the end of the season whether or not you are using each piece. If it’s just hanging in there, it’s taking up wasted space.


Find 10 items that you DON’T like. Find the pieces you wouldn’t buy again, you don’t wear it or just don’t like it. Donate them or take them to a consignment(even if you spent too much on them the first time).


Fold all of your sweaters and find a spot for them. Maybe it’s a shelf or maybe it's a drawer? If they’re hanging for too long, they could become droopy and misshapen. Organize them by color just like you did your hanging pieces. Or, arrange them from light to dark, dark to light, etc.


Find a home for your shoes. Stack them in boxes or buy an over-the-door shoe holder. Be creative! One of our VIP Facebook Group member's used an armoire to neatly stack them at eye-level.

(STEP 4.5 Find 3 pairs you’re NOT wearing anymore. Donate them or throw them away!)


Organize your underwear drawer. Buy drawer dividers or containers to neatly separate your undergarments. You could do the same for your socks! Throw out what you’re not wearing - ripped elastic, stretched out, etc.


Print your Closet Outfit Planner. Put it in a binder and hang it in your closet! It will help you to know what pieces to need to have ready for wear in your wardrobe.

Don't have the Closet Outfit Planner?


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