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Buying the Best Dress for Your Body Type

While Easter is often “dress shopping season”, there are plenty of other reasons to buy a dress in the spring and I want to teach you how to buy the best dress for your body type!

The ultimate goal is for your body to look balanced. Many years ago, I developed a system that identifies body types so you can learn to dress yours in the very best way. It’s called “bOd-X” and I’m going to reference each of the 4 body types in the system. (Need more help identifying your body type? Click here!)

If you’re a “B” body type, you tend to gain weight in your belly.

Tips for a “B”:

  1. Don’t let anything be snug around your waistline.

  2. Look for pieces that are flowy and fall away from your belly.

  3. If you can find ruching detail in that area, it will work wonders for you!

Here are 2 dresses that could work for you:

This navy shift dress is perfect for you because it is knee-length and has an embellished neckline, which means the eye of the onlooker will look upward toward your face.

This striped, poplin shirt dress also works well for you because of the vertical lines and the ruching on the sleeves.

Details around the sleeves causes the eye to look upward and away from your challenge area.

So, remember, “B”s, nothing snug and do what you can to bring the attention to the top of you and your face.


If you’re an “O” body type, you ten to gain weight in your upper body, bustline and upper midriff.

Tips for an "O":

  1. An empire waist or an off-the-shoulder style work for you!

  2. Make sure you are NOT wearing longer than knee-length(it causes there to be much volume overall).

  3. Sleeves should end somewhere other than in line with your bustline. Angled sleeves helps to eliminate a straight line

Here are 2 dresses that could work for you:

This black and white dress, with ruching at the middle, works because of the angled, short sleeves, the pattern that keeps the eye moving and the length.

Knee-length is perfect because longer than that does not balance you - too much going on both the top and bottom. Your best length will be right in the middle of where your legs indent, probably above your knees.

This Light blue chambray dress checks two boxes: off the shoulder and above the knee!


If you’re a ‘D” body type, you tend to gain weight below your waist.

Tips for you:

  1. Emphasize your waist without narrowing the shoulders. A "fit and flare" style creates an "X" body type.

  2. “A - line” styles are also a solid choice for you.

This blue lace dress is vibrany and trendy, plus it has a boatneck which can widen the appearance of your shoulders. (You might want to give shoulder pads a try!)

Off-the-shoulder creates movement on the upper body. This dress tucks in at the waist and a has a great pattern on the bottom half to encourages your eye to wander.


If you're an "X" body type, you tend to gain evenly all over. You have a balanced figure meaning your shoulder and hips are even and you have an indented waist.

Tips for an "X":

  1. A fit and flare style works well on you.

  2. You can pull off a sheath dress, but don't do anything too oversized.

  3. Wrap dresses are another wise choice!

This a-line, blue and white print with a v-neck gives a fit and flare effect and mimics your shape.

This is a longer version of the dress with a collar. If your shoulders are narrow, you can definitely benefit from a collar!

Dress shopping can be a lot of fun if you keep these guidelines in mind. Happy Shopping!


I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman. — Vera Wang


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