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The 1-2-3 Formula: Packing Hack for a 3-Day Getaway

If you still have some destinations to visit on your summer bucket list, you are going to love my packing tips! I actually have a formula that makes it so easy to pack a capsule wardrobe for a weekend getaway. It's called the "1, 2, 3 Formula".

Here is your packing list: 1. One swimsuit and layering piece 2. Two tops and two bottoms 3. Three necklaces and three pairs of shoes

Think we have too many necklaces and shoes? Stick with me!


This is how it works...

Day 1: You're traveling by car and you're wearing

  • Pull-on shorts and slip-on sandals (easy on/easy off for those snack stops!)

  • Basic white top

  • Gold earrings (you'll wear them throughout the whole trip)

  • Turquoise necklace (long but lightweight)

Evening of Day 1: Arrive at the hotel - unpack/get ready for dinner

  • Lose the shorts and put on the white linen pants

  • Keep the white top to create a "column" (learn more about column dressing in this video)

  • Switch out the shoes (I brought these along because they match my hair AND they're easy to walk in!)

  • Change up the necklace and add a cuff bracelet

I bet you're already catching on! We're going to create outfits for a 3-day excursion by reinventing the combination of pieces. (Don't forget to pack your PJ's!😉)

Day 2: You're headed to the beach

  • Slip into your swimsuit and use the white linen pants as your cover-up

  • Take a sun hat with you!

  • Add the gold sandals (I can easily rinse the sand off of this pair)

Evening of Day 2: Back to the hotel to dress for dinner

  • White top

  • White pants (Just shake the sand out of them!)

  • Add the layering piece (a lightweight, kimono-type piece is really easy to wear in the summer)

  • Turquoise necklace

It's a brand new outfit! Experimenting with different tops, bottoms and layering pieces can create unique combinations you might not have considered wearing together.

Day 3: Sightseeing

  • We're adding the teal top for the first time (this comes from the Closet Outfit Planner)

  • White shorts

  • Sneakers for walking

  • Sun hat

  • Turquoise necklace

Evening of Day 3: Dressing for dinner

  • Keep the teal top on (see the full video so you can learn the hack for adding more shape and visual interest to your top!)

  • White pants

  • Gold statement necklace

It is SO easy to pack using this method. Don't complicate it: Choose colors that match and you'll be set! Happy Travels!


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