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3 Makeup Mistakes That Are Aging You

Makeup can change and enhance the way we look,

hide our imperfections and

improve our confidence!

But, if you’re not wearing it well, it could be aging you.

We're giving you 3 things you can stop doing today to update your makeup look.

Makeup Mistake #1:

NOT wearing foundation

As we age, we lose pigment in our skin. With no foundation, we look haggard and tired. But, I do want you to be cautious about how you wear foundation. The opposite extreme of wearing too much is going to look heavy and settle into fine lines.

Instead, choose a tinted foundation or a light-weight liquid foundation. They will even out skin tone and help you look more youthful!

Makeup Mistake #2:

Overlooking your eyebrows

If you’re not paying attention to your eyebrows, they tend to disappear. Keep them shaped up - tweeze or wax. But, not too thin! Fill in with one shade darker than your brows. The difference makes all the difference!

Makeup Mistake #3:

Wearing the wrong color lipstick

If you’re not wearing lipstick, just like with your eyebrows, your lips tend to fade away on your face. And, it’s not about wearing just any lipstick color. A lipstick that’s right for your Color Code will really bring your face to life! Not sure which Color Code belongs to you? Click here to access the FREE quiz for discovering yours!

Want to try a lipstick in your Color Code so you nail the right shade?

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