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5 Big Jewelry Trends for Fall

I think affordable accessories can have as much of an impact on your look as those that cost more. If you can invest in good jewelry, go for it. But, if your budget is begging for some nice costume jewelry, it's out there. Let me show you what I found! These are fall's biggest jewelry trends.

Here's the first trend:

1. Statement Necklaces I'm seeing them in these versions: pearls, stones, drop necklaces. Stones are a great way to make a softened statement with a casual look. Genuine stones are definitely an option, as pictured below, but they are not your only option.

These pearls are very different in price. The first is Kenneth J. Lane for $100 and the second is just $5.88. Walmart's Time and Tru collection offers up a lot of style at a lower price point!

If you don't like huge jewelry, you can still make a statement with a drop necklace. Both of these are from Paparazzi Jewelry. The first actually checks three "trend boxes": stone, statement and drop.

2. Statement Earrings

They're sparkly, glitzy and they say, "Look at me!", but they also look great with jeans! I have another example of splurge vs. savings...Which do you think is the least expensive?

The pair on the left is $300(Saks Fifth Avenue). The pair on the right is $5(Paparazzi).

Try out a trend for pennies on the dollar! If it's a trend you're not sure you want to commit to for the long haul, the pair of lesser value can still get the job done.

3. Brooches

Big brooches are trending! Not the delicate little clusters of jewels you might be thinking of from years past. I'm talking about over-sized accessories! Look at the difference between these two pins:

On the left, Paco Rabanne, $246. On the right, Walmart, $4.70. Did you guess correctly?

Consider searching through your mom's jewelry box or a local vintage store. A brooch will look gorgeous on a blazer lapel, a travel wrap or a trench coat.

4. Cuffs & Bracelets

Chunky, oversized bracelets will be all the rage this fall! I've found another two for you to compare. Yes, there will be differences in the quality, obviously. But, if you don't want to spend $1200, you can find a similar piece for a steal. Would it complete an outfit? Absolutely!

First up, David Yurman, $1200. Next, Paparazzi, $5. Would it complete an outfit? Absolutely!

The last, but not least, trend for jewelry this season? Western Core.

5. Western Core

I've had a lot to say about this trend over the last few weeks. If you want my advice for nailing this trend, check out this article or this video.

I wouldn't recommend you wear quite this many pieces of Western Wear jewelry but she is wearing some amazing pieces, isn't she? Add one, or two at most, to your fall outfit to look perfectly trendy!


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