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How to Choose Western Wear for Your Style Personality

Western Core is a really big trend this fall! I think the key to pulling it off is to use some restraint. Have fun with it but don't overdo it! I want to help you embrace your "inner cowgirl" in a classy way, without trying too hard.

I also want to help you do it based on your Style Personality.

Do you know your Style Personality?

Most women tend to dress in a way that feels comfortable to them - their own clothing style or "fashion personality" - but they may not be able to put a name to it. Identifying your style will guide you to make purchases that you actually love and will wear often. And, reduce stressful shopping experiences and wasteful spending!

I created a system with four categories of style to help you express yours. Which of these describes you or the style you want to have?

Pure Natural

The following points describe a woman with the Pure Natural Clothing Personality:

• She adores fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen.

• She wants her wardrobe to reflect her casual lifestyle and the environment and earth she loves so much.

• She feels best in clothes that are loose, soft, and have an easy, comfortable feel.

• She wears linen slacks and a blouse to have lunch with a friend and later wears denim to a ballgame.

• Her natural style is a breath of fresh air.

• She won’t have many heels in her wardrobe, but may instead have a pair of thong sandals, a comfy linen ballet flat, or low wedges.

Accessories that represent a Pure Natural include:

• Turquoise and natural stones

• Classic rings, necklaces, and bracelets in a metallic that coordinates with her Color Code

• Quality handbag that matches her hair color because she’s not likely to change purses for separate occasions

Creative Original

The following points describe a woman with the Creative Original Clothing Personality:

• She has a style all her own.

• She wears outfits that you would never have even considered putting together and she looks wonderful.

• She is the gal who can find a unique jacket that is colorful and bright and will team it with the artsy skirt she already owns.

• She will wear bold patterns like bright florals or zebra prints when she wants to add some splash to her outfits.

Accessories that represent a Creative Original include:

• One-of-a-kind pieces that showcase her creative flair

• Antique-inspired pieces or distinctive jewelry found at craft festivals

• Artsy handbags and shoes

Style Fashionista

The following points describe a woman with the Style Fashionista Clothing Personality:

• She is not afraid of the trends and makes them look like they have always been in style.

• She stands out in a crowd because she knows what to wear, how to wear it, and how to accessorize

• She has no trouble finding pieces that work with items she already has and loves going big and bold.

• She can pretty much shop in any store and find something that looks fabulous on her.

Accessories that represent a Style Fashionista include:

• Anything goes! – if it is new or trending, and bold

• Bigger the better, but keep it close to scale

Classic Modern

The following points describe a woman with the Classic Modern Clothing Personality:

• She has lots of basics in her wardrobe, like tailored slacks, well-cut jeans, smart blouses, and blazers.

• She loves wearing classic pieces of clothing and accessories that always have her looking polished and put together.

• She might add one unusual piece, like a big ring, or splurge on a Kate Spade bag, but she likes to stay understated and chic.

• She always looks sophisticated in a soft, elegant kind of way.

• She looks like she spent a million dollars on her wardrobe yet probably found each piece on sale because she knows exactly what she’s looking for and buys it when she finds it.

Accessories that represent a Classic Modern include:

• Classic pieces of jewelry in her best metallics or colored beads, often with a modern flair

• Designer brand or knock-off handbags

• Pashmina scarves and wraps


Now that we've covered that, let's get back to finding the best way to don the fall's hottest trend!

My Pro Tip: Pay attention to what people around you are wearing. If you live in an area of the country where Western Wear is worn regularly, you're one step ahead of this trend. You know how to make it look amazing! But, if you aren't in a region where it is regularly expected or accepted, you're going to want to pay extra attention to my advice.

Let me show you how to wear it well. This trend really is everywhere! I've seen it in many stores so I'm going to focus on two pieces I found for each style.

Lets start with boots:

Boots with color blocking are perfect for the Style Fashionista! A "cowboy boot" always has a stacked heel and a pointed toe.

This shorter version is another option for you, too! I like this style for a Style Fashionista because it doesn't have the detailed stitching you typically see in Western Wear.

These are perfect for a Creative Original! Look at the floral design. If you're a Creative Original, you're going to love these boots! When you're shopping for a Creative Original style, look for the standout details that are unique and different.

The Classic Modern will like these because they are more subtle. The blue boots actually work for a Pure Natural, too! The detailing melds right into the shaft of the boot and creates an elegant, simple style.

I think this last boot is perfect for a Style Fashionista or a Classic Modern.

If you're wondering what you would wear with your boots, think about them as the statement piece of your outfit. Let them be the focal point! Want to wear a fringed leather jacket? Pair it with your white sneakers to keep it classy and not overdone. Want to wear more than one piece of Western Wear? Add a turquoise necklace to your outfit that includes boots.

Now, let's talk about layering pieces. A Pure Natural would easily fall in love with these shackets. The Navajo pattern with some fringe embellishments add just enough Western Wear detail.

This moto jacket with studs, is a great choice for the Style Fashionistas! Studs are an accent you're going to see throughout the season.

Style Fashionistas, pair this jacket with leather leggings(a trend this season), your boots or a great pair of jeans.

This suede jacket with animal print would work well for the Style Fashionista all day every day! Pair it with black boots that are NOT cowboy boots because the jacket is western enough.

One final jacket for the Style Fashionista is this suede blazer, accented with a gorgeous applique. Classic Moderns can do this one, too!

The suede jacket with animal print would works well for a Classic Modern. I think it's beautiful! Classy, subtle, tasteful.

The gorgeous jacket in pink is perfect for a Classic Modern. The scarf adds that classic touch Classic Moderns love to wear!

Last, but not least, a fantastic jacket for the Creative Originals! A Style Fashionista could also wear this leather jacket. Cactus blooms stitched across the back add interest that is artistic and just the right amount of flair for a Creative Original.

Take my advice and avoid going overboard with a trend that certainly can have a place in your wardrobe this season. Try incorporating Western Core into your closet so can stay on trend and look terrific this fall!


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