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Do You Know Your Best Colors?

The power of color is truly powerful.

There are colors that compliment you and work well with your natural coloring.

Then, there are others that can make you look tired, worn out and even sick.

(Ouch! It's just that we want you to know there's an easy way to do color better!)

Did you know your unique combination of eye color, hair color and skin tone is matched to a Color Code? Each of six color codes includes a palette of 36 colors that will absolutely flatter you! There are neutrals and pop colors, and suggestions for combining them. Your color code will also tell you which makeup colors to wear, which jewelry metals you should prefer and the best color for your accessories.

How do you discover your Color Code?

There are several options for you to consider:

1. You can take a FREE quiz!

This free, online color analysis quiz, developed by Style by Color, asks you a few quick questions, and lets you know which is the best Color Code for you.

Take the quiz here!

2. You can request a Color Confirmation.

This confirmation is done virtually via email by a trained team member and lets you know which is the best Color Code for you. Perfect for confirming your Color Quiz results!

Request that service here.

3. You can request a Mini Color Consultation.

A certified consultant will conduct this 30-minute appointment. This option gives you an overview of your Color Code and includes the Digital Color Collection.

Find a consultant who can help you!

4. You can book a Color Experience.

During a Color Experience you will learn your Color Code and come away with a full understanding of your best colors and how to use them to highlight your beauty. This 1.5 - 2 hour appointment is conducted by a certified consultant.

Find a stylist who can help you!

One of the BEST things about knowing your Color Code is that you'll be able to carry digital color swatches with you when you shop. Having your best colors at your fingertips is priceless!

Watch this video to learn more about digital color swatches:

Not only will you be able to access this unique color tool on your phone, tablet or computer, it also includes a 12-page color guide to help you use your colors well. And, your colors will automatically be updated twice a year with the best fashion trend colors for you! With lifetime access to these high definition colors, you'll be able to shop with confidence.

A color analysis experience will forever change the way you look at yourself and color. Find your Color Code and fall in love with finding fashion that flatters you!


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