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Have You Ever Thought About Helping Other Women Using Color?

Chic. Sophisticated. Intelligent. These are the words Janet Schilling hopes to convey by the outfit she wears and about her image. And, after recently spending some virtual time together, I think she’s nailing it.

While Janet has always had a flair for fancy fashion, these days she is working harder at bringing stylish pizazz to her everyday looks. After saying goodbye to a lengthy career as a lawyer in CA, she settled on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 1995 and made the historic Dr. Dodson House a home away from home for guests. Her life as a bed and breakfast owner meant days filled with a flurry of activity but not so much fashion. It was after 28 years that she stepped away from this chapter in her life and considered a wardrobe refresh.


Over the years, Janet modeled for local boutiques who paid her with evening wear and fine fashions. Now, she needs a closet filled with practical pieces she can use to creatively approach casualwear. No more “fantasy shopping for the life I don’t have”. She’s working on bringing creativity to her everyday life! She loves a bold color, and a good challenge so she delights in the art of trompe l’oeil(the french term for optical illusion). Janet believes the most powerful part of dressing well is doing so in a way that balances the body. She considers herself to be neurotic about the details of dressing but I’m convinced it’s actually her “superpower”. When it comes to incorporating all that Shari Braendel, Founder of Style By Color, has taught her about styling different body types in the right colors, Janet is a top-notch professional. She became a Christian Image Consultant after falling in love with the Style Adventures with Shari & Co’s Facebook community in 2022 and, eventually, the Closet Outfit Planner.

As for this 27-piece system for simplifying your wardrobe while simultaneously elevating it goes, Janet likes its ability to help you “fire the clothes that aren’t serving you well”! That's a quote she says she has borrowed from the Closet Outfit Planner Facebook Community Manager, Kim Nowlin. “I like the idea of (giving each piece) an employee interview, “ she says, as she goes on to explain her goals for creating a closet full of only workhorse pieces she can use to create never-before-seen outfits. She shops the likes of Banana Republic, White House Black Market and Amazon but has also invested in some custom statement makers, like a made-for-her gray, suede moto jacket. And, she can combine pieces from her closet like nobody’s business! Her daily outfits grace the posts of the Closet Outfit Planner community and inspire all of its’ members. After posting a gorgeous, weather-appropriate outfit consisting of a Charcoal turtleneck, matching gray pants and multi-colored wrap in January, one member appreciated her innovative approach: “You have such beautiful taste! I’m inspired by your combinations!”


She wants to “inspire other women to have fun with their clothes and to be able to create looks that really express the person they want to be.” The reason she posts outfits so often in the group is because she wants to inspire in the way she’s been inspired! She wants women to take risks even if it doesn’t turn out well. She wants it to be fun and joyful for people! It gives her “great joy to see the smile on a face of someone who’s had an ‘aha moment’“.

Her next style project? She wants to pick the minds of her many friends who dress well. She wonders how they do it, what challenges them and why they might be interested in hiring her to solve any style struggles. She believes some time with her “Board of Directors” over lunch in her new home office will give her the information she needs to move forward in successfully launching her styling business, which is still in its start-up phase. Her vision for helping the 50+ women in her community involves a guided tour through her carry-on bag filled with only 27 pieces. After giving the Closet Outfit Planner a trial run last fall during a visit to Maine(she celebrated her husband’s retirement with a 3-week trip), she knows it can create style success and she wants to share the freedom of packing lightly with the women in her corner of the world.

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Heidi Brubaker, Certified Christian Image Consultant

Heidi has been a CIC for more than 10 years in Central PA. She loves teaching women to fill their closets with fashion in their best colors and styles so they can shop from their very own boutique every day. When she's not helping women, she's planning outfits for her next trip to Disneyworld! You can learn more about her services at


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