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Outfit Breakdown: The Anatomy of an Outfit

I thought it might be helpful for you if I broke down each part of an outfit so you can learn how to construct an outfit in a way that will earn you an A+!

(This is how my brain works so I thought I’d let you in on it…)

This is Cynthia and I think she looks amazing! I recently attended a conference where she was speaking and she was so appropriately dressed to take the stage. You might not be walking onto a stage anytime soon but you are the "star" of your life so let's get you dressed well!

#1 Her shape is a combination of “O” and “b”. (Want to learn more about body types? Click here!)

She has more volume on her top half and she's wearing a great, supportive bra. Her bust line is in the right place because she’s wearing a good, supportive bra. Where should yours land? Halfway between your shoulder and your elbow.

#2 She's wearing a column.

A column is constructed of two pieces on the inside or outside of your outfit that are similar in color. For example, a black tank and black pants with a floral kimono.

The extra benefit with this inner column? The top has a seam around the middle which makes it look as though there is a defined waist, which is helpful if you don’t have a pronounced waist. And, the pleats below that line provide some movement.

#3 Her pants flatter her.

The straight to wide-leg is working for her! How could she have improved even more? A thinner leg, but not a skinny.

#4 The layering piece is complimentary.

The fabric of her layering piece is constructed of a high-quality material with detail and a sleeve that lands at the right spot - her elbow! This brings definition to her waist.

#5 Her necklace is the right size and color.

It’s not tiny, and it shouldn't be. She’s probably 5’3.5” and she has a fuller figure. Not a petite, but not tall like me either. The scale of her necklace brings the eye to the center and right toward her face! She was speaking on a stage and we needed to be focused on her face. But, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a stage or not. I want people to see you coming into a room and not your outfit coming ahead of you.

This necklace - chunky, interesting and a great color combination - makes her ensemble classy.

#6 Her shoes are serving her well.

These work for her! As we get older, we need to be in comfortable shoes. You can still do fancy! But, you don’t need to do a stilletto. It will make you look like you’re going to topple over. A wedge, a block heel, this platform is perfect! This style by Crocs was actually the perfect shoe for improving her back pain so she bought it in several colors.

I think she did a FABULOUS job with her outfit! Need some help with your outfits? I have the perfect answer - it's the Closet Outfit Planner. It will help you to put together outfits for every occasion for your body type and for your Color Code!


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